“Spring Alive” – in Khndzorut community school

ArAves NGO continues to series of interesting seminars for the young bird-lovers within the framework of the “Spring Alive” program. The PPT shows about the “Spring Alive” program launched in Vayots Dzor region starting in Khndzorut village, but the programme will be presented in around 10 schools of the region. The students of Khndzorut school surely gained a lot of knowledge about the birds of Armenia and “Spring Alive” program.

During the visit, the participants learned about the spring ambassadors, about the bird migration, and the environmental problems that threaten birds and their habitats. The students promised to observe birds and spring alive species and add their observations on www.springalive.net website. By the way, Armenia is in the top ten country list with the number of observations,  and competes with European and regional countries from the Caucasus.

Spring Alive is an international project that aims to encourage children’s interest towards nature and the conservation of migratory birds and to get them to take action for birds and other wildlife as well as to participate in the events organized by BirdLife Partners. Spring Alive is organized by BirdLife International with financial support of HeidelbergCement.