Environmental education

Changing unacceptable behaviour and negative attitude toward nature is an important goal of conservation. Conservationists rely on the education to cause this changes. The ArAves NGO holds several educational strategies to bring about this changes in Armenia.

Two main courses “Wildlife & Conservation” and “Ornithology & Bird ID” are created and taught by ArAves. Participants are from mid-school to university students, or just an interested people.

“Wildlife & Conservation” tells the stories about the people, organizations, initiatives, who realise crucial changes in conservation. There are 5 indoor lectures and 1 field trip to FPWC protected areas.

“Ornithology & Bird ID” are designed to engage the young people into bird studies and conservation. It’s a ten month long course with indoor classes and birdwatching trips. In the end of the course participants will join to professional bird count in Armenia or Artsakh.