How to make bird feeder. 5 easy steps

You’re bundled up warm from head to toe, ready to greet the season’s snow … but, what about the birds? This pretty time is also the season during which backyard birds need your help the most. Birds need help the most in this period and especially school-age children can do it best. “ArAves” NGO prepared a few simple steps, which can help young people to help to the birds around them.

Step 1: Prepare the Bottle

Empty a 2-liter bottle and wash it thoroughly. Remove the label but don’t throw away the cap.

Step 2: Cut Holes

With a utility knife or scissors, cut two square holes 5-7 cm from the bottom on each side, large enough for a bird to reach the seeds that will eventually be inside.

Step 3: Create a Perch

Using a screwdriver, awl or hole-punch, create a small hole underneath each of the larger holes you just made. Insert a small wooden dowel in each hole to create a perch for birds to sit upon when snacking.

Step 4: Fill the Bottle

Use a funnel to pour bird seed or sunflower seeds into the top of the bottle. Fill up the bottle to the level of the bottom edge of the feeding holes. Screw on the cap.

Step 5: String it Up

Tie a length of string below the lip of the bottle below the cap. Make sure it’s secure.